Texas Divorce Solutions

How to do Your Own Divorce in Texas 2013 – 2015 – Essential guide for every kind of divorce.
Make Any Divorce Better! – For cases that are not going smoothly. CD.
DealMaker – Settlement Agreement Software – Settlement agreement software.
DealMaker Pro – Pro version of DealMaker.
Texas Divorce Forms for PC or Mac – Complete your settlement with these forms.
Divorce Worksheets for PC or Mac – These will definitely save you money!

How To Do Your Own Divorce in TexasHow to do Your Own Divorce in Texas 2013 – 2015

An essential guide for every kind of divorce in Texas.
$29.95 $22.46

Better divorce outcomes. Studies show that people who are informed and prepared get better divorce outcomes. That’s what this book is all about.

In clear, simple language, this book explains things you need to know and provides practical advice and guidance.

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Make Any Divorce BetterMake Any Divorce Better

If your divorce isn’t going smoothly or to make sure your easy case stays easy.
$24.95 $18.71

Specific steps that will help you reduce conflict, solve problems, and stay out of court. Based on 35 years of successful experience with over 45,000 cases. An improved update of our award-winning Divorce Solutions.

CD INCLUDED  with sample agreements, links and worksheets that will save you $$$, help you get organized, focus your thinking and increase your self-confidence.

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Divorce SoftwareDealMaker – Settlement Agreement Software

Valid in all states! Helps you plan & negotiate, guides you through choices, writes a draft agreement ready for review or signatures. Saves you a lot of time and money!
$94.95 $64.95

DealMaker helps you organize your facts and your thinking, develop options for discussion, and frame any questions you might have for a neutral attorney. It acts as a checklist to make sure you’ve thought of everything, and it produces a comprehensive draft for signatures or final review. For larger or more complex estates, DealMaker will be far more effective when combined with some initial legal analysis and advice, and a final review just before you are ready to sign. Even if you get advice before and/or a review after you make your agreement, you are still way ahead in increased understanding and confidence, and getting advice and a review will cost much less than having an attorney draft your agreement from scratch.

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DealMaker Pro

PRO version for lawyers, mediators, LDAs, accountants, and financial planners.
First purchase $249 • Annual update $195

License valid for three installations. For example: office desktop, home desktop, laptop.

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divorce-formsTexas Divorce Forms for PC or Mac

Divorce Forms, Citation by Publication or Posting, and bundled sets for less!

With these forms, following the instructions in our famous book, almost anyone can do their own divorce in Texas in any case where the other side does not go to court to resist you.

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Divorce Worksheets for PC or Mac

Save money • Get focused • Get organized. These organizational forms are useful in any state.
$20 $15

All professional use worksheets to gather all the facts of your case. But why pay an attorney $200 or more per hour to gather your information when you can do it yourself for free? And you will understand your case better for doing it.

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