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"I want to report that I acheived my desired outcome completely... I am now where I wanted to be and completely satisfied. Your approach is excellent. I was able to get the job done for a tiny fraction of what the costs might have been. Your advice was right on the nose."
--Mr. HH

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"You saved me several thousand dollars and also a lot of pain and concern because I had the knowlege I needed to handle the divorce."
-Mr. DM, Riverside

"My Divorce would not have been nearly as easy without your book. Several attorneys I consulted were not optimistic about the results but I did it all myself and everything worked out infinitely better."
-Ms. MS, Oakland

"I feel that this kind of legal assistance is invaluable.
You really threw me a lifeline when I felt I was sinking."
-Ms. SB, Albany

"Thanks to you, a difficult situation was made easier. My court appearance was a snap. I'm happier than I have been in a long time!"
-Ms. SD, Antioch

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