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Try before you buy. Download for free, go through the screens, see how easy the program is to use, check out the help screens. However, guideline results will not be displayed until you register the program.

Register online. When you're ready, the program helps you go online where you get a code immediately that will unlock the program so you can get your results. You can also register by phone, fax or mail—instructions are in the program.

  I have been using CalSupport since 1996 to figure my annual child support obligation without having to pay a lawyer to do it. It allows us to work amicably toward a reasonable solution without discord or intermediaries, which is most crucial. CalSupport settles a touchy issue and allows us to focus on what's truly important—the welfare of our children. I have recommended CalSupport to numerous friends who are now happy customers. Keep up the good work!  

– Mr. AC, Central California



Version 2008-1.3
File size = 830 Kb

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