Make Any Divorce Better!

Shows you specific things you can do that will make your case smoother, faster, less painful and save you a ton of money.
by Ed Sherman, California Attorney, Foreword by Warren Farrell, Ph.D.

  • Make Any Divorce BetterWhat the legal divorce is really about
  • Why the Real Divorce is free
  • How to keep your divorce out of court
  • Things you must know before you talk to an attorney
  • How to reduce upset and conflict
  • How to talk effectively with your spouse
  • How to negotiate an agreement
  • How to beat the legal system
  • How to get organized
  • How to manage money matters
  • If you have to fight, how to win

Winner of five national book awards!

  1. USA National Best Books 2008
    Parenting/Family: Divorce
  2. ForeWord Magazine’s 2008 Book of the Year Award Finalist
    Family & Relationships
  3. The Library Journal Best How-To Books 2008 with a star for excellence !
  4. Independent Publisher Book Awards 2009 Self Help—Silver Medal
  5. The Benjamin Franklin Award for Excellence
    Independent Bookseller’s Association

Includes CD with worksheets that will save you $$$ and help you get focused and organized.

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No matter what your situation, if you follow my advice, things will soon get better. Do not retain an attorney until you have seen this book!

As a family law attorney for over 35 years and over 45,000 cases, I tell you that
90% of all divorces can be done better with little or no attorney involvement.

I will tell you things you can do for yourself that are superior to anything an attorney can do for you.

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Sherman offers an insider's guide to making divorce go smoothly, quickly, painlessly, and inexpensively, revealing how to beat the system. He discusses strategies for the difficult divorce as well as roadblocks to a decent one. His no-nonsense guide to the legalities and practicalities of divorce is highly recommended.
— Library Journal, February 15, 2008 (Excerpt from book review of Make Any Divorce Better by Library Journal)

Expertly written by Ed Sherman (a specialist attorney in the complex field of divorce), Divorce Solutions is a straightforward and "user friendly" guide to minimizing the pain, problems, and costs caused by marital divorce. From advice for protecting one's rights, negotiating agreements, and personal care worksheets, to ten ways to divide property without fighting over it, dealing with emotional issues, sample marital settlement agreements, and more, Divorce Solutions offers professional advice, insights, recommendations, and instructions in plain terms which are completely accessible to the non-specialist general reader. Divorce Solutions is very highly recommended and invaluable reading for anyone considering or in the process of a divorce.
— Midwest Book Review, August, 2003 (Book Review for Divorce Solutions the predecessor of this new book)

I think this book is terrific. It is clear, well written, humanistic and balanced. Congratulations.
— Hugh McIsaac, Director, Family Court Services, Los Angeles, President, Association of Family and Conciliation Courts

At last, a book that guides people through the legal divorce leaving them with enough energy and personal dignity to deal with the emotional divorce. I highly recommend it.
— Betty Goldwater, M.F.C.C., family practice, Santa Barbara

This book offers you the guidance and compassion of a well-informed good friend—exactly the kind of person you would most like to go to for advice. I recommend it.
— Marje Burdine, Director, Conflict Resolution Department, Justice Institute of British Columbia

Ed Sherman's book is like a roadmap to make the divorce journey easier, faster, and with a lot less roadblocks. It is very sensitive and full of compassion for the traveller. What a tremendous contribution!
— Tasha Schaal, Founder, Divorce Anonymous

Divorce Solutions is the best book I have seen yet on the basics of divorce. It provides a wonderful foundation of important legal, financial and psychological information. I have passed it on to several clients and all have told me they found the book extremely useful. Thank you, Nolo Press (Ed Sherman), for putting out another great book that empowers readers.
— Susan Pease, LCSW, Director, Transition Institute of Marin